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Deploying to Reclaim via Git

JMaxJune 26, 2023 colophon

To be honest, this took some brain-numbing trial and error – trying to get the remote git repo on the Reclaim server to become the _site folder on my website build locally, so that then I could build into it and have that be the actual site for deployment. I admit I am no whiz when it comes to git.

I got hung up in what was pointing where, and then I got a bunch of changes on the remote end (the Reclaim-side repo) mixed up and forgotten and I had to ssh in and reconcile all of that. Eventually I just deleted my local _site folder and cloned the Reclaim repo into a new empty _site folder. And now I’m up and running.

So, I now do the following:

  1. Edit and/or add files locally, using my text editor and markdown;
  2. Build and proof the site locally;
  3. Add and commit changes via Github Desktop;
  4. Push directly to my git repo on Reclaim
  5. Voila!