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Carol Twombly: A Review

In honour of International Women's Day, a review of Nancy Stock-Allen's excellent biography of type designer Carol Twombly, whose career spanned the whole first period of digital typography.

Text Processing Techniques & Traditions

This coming June, at the DHSI, I'm renewing my course: *Text Processing Techniques and Traditions* -- or, Why the History of Computing Matters to DH. In which we zoom in on the continuities between print culture and modern computing, rather than seeing these as distinct lineages separated by a conceptual break. While re-writing the course, I wrote a short reflection on what it's about.

Playing with Typst

I have been playing with Typst, a new, open-source typesetting tool that replaces LaTeX and also plays very nicely with modern digital publishing pipelines. In this post I offer some potted history and some reflections on why it might matter.