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Text Processing Techniques & Traditions

This coming June, at the DHSI, I'm renewing my course: *Text Processing Techniques and Traditions* -- or, Why the History of Computing Matters to DH. In which we zoom in on the continuities between print culture and modern computing, rather than seeing these as distinct lineages separated by a conceptual break. While re-writing the course, I wrote a short reflection on what it's about.

Revisiting Mellon's Public Knowledge

The Mellon Foundation invited me to their "all-projects" meeting in New York this fall, bringing together the Public Knowledge program’s grantees to report out briefly on their work on scholarly communications and digital monographs.

About Aldus@SFU

This fall I'm on sabbatical and it's time for me to talk about one of my major projects this coming year: the digital remediation of SFU's world-class collection of 15th- and 16th-century editions from the press of Aldus Manutius, the foremost publisher of the Italian renaissance.

All I Need to Know about DH I Learned in a MOO

I was recently asked about what led me to the Digital Humanities in the first place? I realized the serious answer to that question is MOOing, back in the 90s. It's not something I've thought much about in recent years, but I thought it was worth writing about now. Part one of at least two...