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Playing with Typst

I have been playing with Typst, a new, open-source typesetting tool that replaces LaTeX and also plays very nicely with modern digital publishing pipelines. In this post I offer some potted history and some reflections on why it might matter.

Visualizing the Weather

To satisfy my obsession with the weather, I made a little Javascript visualization of Environment Canada's weather data: it creates a nice chart summarizing temperatures and precipitation over a year. Here's the write-up.

Deploying to Reclaim via Git

It took some brain-numbing trial and error trying to get the remote git repo on my Reclaim server to become the deployment site folder on my website build locally, so that then I could build this site directly into it and have that be the actual site for deployment.

Static Site Trials

Welcome to my new blog. This is built using Eleventy, using as simple and low-tech an approach I could muster: markdown content, a handful of templates, and a simple git push direct to my webserver (at Reclaim Hosting, natch).